SEO Packages

Marketing has changed. It used to be simply doing letter drops, emailing potential clients, faxing people and other avenues where you go and find clients. These days it’s about being found and providing exactly what the potential client is looking for. You need to not only look good but be informative, make their online experience easy and sound appealing.

There are so many businesses, services and products at the tips of everyone’s fingers that you better be one of the first few results or your business may be losing clients. No matter what company you work for or own you need to present well, your website needs to work on mobile devices and you need to be able to attract customers in around 150 characters on Google’s search results.SEO Empire isn’t just looking to rank you on a phrase that you think is the best. We do many hours or research, use an extensive list of tools and years of experience to not only get you ranking for a phrase but to make sure your business looks amazing online, is above your competitors and helps you grow into new areas.There is no such thing as a package that fits everyone. We will tailor a package for you and your budget. We can work from a slow longer term approach to a full on aggressive campaign to put you at the forefront of your industry.

Level 1

From $750 per month, ex GST

This package would suit your new, small or startup business that is looking to dominate your local area.

Level 2

From $1600 per month, ex GST

Level 2 will bring you traffic to your local and surrounding suburbs. This suits a business looking to grow locally including surrounding areas.

Level 3

From $3700 per month, ex GST

As we get more serious about growth Level 3 packages combine the 2 above but aggressively push your SEO rankings across your home state.

Level 4

From $6500 per month, ex GST

The aggressive approach works when you are looking to rank nationally or aggressively state wide. We track your rankings, traffic and adjust this strategy to ensure your company ranks amongst the best in your industry.

Our Packages Include

A full assessment and proposal with an outline of our offering. We will cover all pricing, terms, conditions and how we will communicate with you and what you should expect over this time.

Proposed Phrases

During our initial talks we will discuss your current websites rankings, phrases that you may rank on, potential phrases and areas you would like to grow your business into. We will discuss with you a realistic set of words and phrase which will suit you and your budget. If you rank for phrases such as your name or random words you would need to understand that they may not have the highest search volume or attract the right relevant traffic. Changing your strategy along the way may be an option also as you may find one phrase you do exceptionally well on.

Working With Your Team

We understand that sometimes you want skills retained in your team, you would like your developers to do the work or you want your staff trained. SEO Empire can work with your team on upskilling you in all areas around websites, social media, SEO & SEM and growing online.We can work on a one on one basis mentoring your management, marketing team or juniors who you would like to run your website content, social media or blogs.


One of the most important aspects of SEO is back links. This is becoming less important over time but currently they are important and need to be healthy. This means from a good and reputable website and not spammy. Back links are links to your site from other sites that are reputable. Sharing one of your great and informative blogs for example is a backlink. Hopefully these are being shared on a reputable site which is regularly updated with relevant and good content.There are many ways to obtain back links, many of these are in a good way as per Google’s guidelines and other ways are not so good. Good ways to get back links and by Google’s terms is called in the industry “White Hat SEO” and this is purely what SEO Empire us. We do the hard work and all the 1% good things we can for SEO rather than the quick and easy solutions which may not be long lasting or risky.

SEO Changes

SEO isn’t just SEO. It has changed and will continue to do so. Gone are the days of easy rankings doing a few different things. Today you need a full solution. You need to work on social media, informative blogs, creative content, amazing pictures, have a call to action, build an easy website to use, have a fast loading website and ensure that people can get to the information or your contact info as quick as possible. Client interaction is important and so is getting your database populated and keeping it up to date. When you think SEO think a permanent solution with lots of content and maintenance. The more you put in, the more you will get out!